Lynchburg Photographer - Attention Real Estate Agents!!

I am happy to announce that currently, the Real Estate side of my Lynchburg Photography business is close to maximum capacity. At this point, I will be very selective about accepting any new clients or projects. This is in the interest of giving ALL of my clients the absolutely highest quality service, attention, and product.

If you are already a client, you have nothing to worry about! However, if you are NOT currently a client, be advised that I will only be accepting new projects on a case-by-case basis. Some of the factors that will determine my acceptance of new projects include:

-the desirability of the project itself! If the project is unique, interesting, challenging - chances are, I will accept it!
-the price of the project
-the time involved in completing the project
-whether the project will be left to my judgment and discretion, or whether it will be micro-managed. (can you guess which project I'd be more likely to accept . . . ?!)
-the potential for future projects and/or continued and ongoing work with the client.
-who the client is!  I may or may not accept a project depending simply on who YOU are :o)
-referral by a current valued client; this will actually go a long way towards encouraging me to accept your project.

Please still feel free to contact me if you need photos and/or a virtual tour of a listing. If I'm at all able to do it for you, I certainly will, within the parameters listed above.