Lynchburg Photographer - I've photographed LOTS of houses!!

This happened to me the other day. I was scheduled to photograph a cute little house in Lynchburg. No problems, no issues.  Just a nice, easy, simple project. I always like those!  Later, returned to my desk, uploaded the photos of that particular house, as well as another one I shot that day. Later still, I began the post-processing of the photos of both houses.

As I was assembling the virtual tour of the first house, I realized I wasn't sure whether the address was "street" or "drive" or "road" so i decided to do a quick Google.  At that point, the address of the house I had photographed came up, along with several real estate websites where it appeared on.  This happens occasionally - perhaps the house was listed before with a different real estate agent or whatever.  Anyway, I went ahead and clicked on one of the websites where it appeared, figuring I'd go ahead and get the exact square footage, and not have to wait to get it from the agent.

When I brought up the listing, it showed all the photos as well. It sort of startled me, because the photos were actually quite nice.  Something I *never* see with local listings.  I actually found myself feeling a bit annoyed (for lack of a better descriptive word here), in the sense that I couldn't help but wonder WHO in this Lynchburg real estate market was taking such nice photos.

Then - a realization dawned upon me . . . the photographer who had taken such nice photos was . . . . ME!  haha!!  I had been in that house about 2 years ago and taken those photos of it for a different realtor.  Even stranger, this was the same owner/seller as it was when I took the photos over 2 years ago, and everything in that house was literally *exactly* the same. Right down to the table centerpiece, the decorative items on the coffee table and side tables, night stands, bedspreads, and so on.

I'm not really sure how I figured it out - it wasn't like it suddenly looked familiar to me from having photographed it before. I think it truly came down to this (and pleeeeeze forgive me if I sound like I'm thinking too much of myself):  it was just "eating" at me that those photos were so nice, and who it could be who had produced them. There just isn't anyone else in this area who puts out house photos that are consistently bright, sharp, straight, well composed, etc. So it simply HAD to be me, myself.  There was just no other explanation.  So I looked back through my photos from years past, and sure enough - there it was.  That very house, and I had photographed it in spring of 2010.

Best of all, I was actually quite pleased to find that even though I constantly work on improving my skills, and take great pride in the fact that I am constantly improving, learning new techniques, etc., those photos from even that long ago were nothing that I'd be ashamed of even today!  There were a few things that I do differently now, and would have tweaked in the photos, but overall, not too bad  :o)