Lynchburg Photography - This Week's Home Tours

Well, this week brought a few interesting listings my way!  This home is in Forest's  Lake Vista neighborhood.  It was a nice big house in a great location. Corner lot, lots of trees, and LOTS of kids in the yard and driveway.  As I got out of my car, I started sneezing, and kept sneezing as I walked past the gang of kids. After my last sneeze, one of the boys looked at me, shook his head sympathetically and said "allergies, huh?"  Haha!  Cutest thing ever!  So, we established that we ALL were miserable with our allergies, and for basically the rest of my time there, I had myself some company :o)

Lynchburg Photography, house in Lake Vista, Forest, VA
This house has "over the top" curb appeal. On a corner lot, nice big level yard, garage and entry from the side street. 

Lynchburg Photography dining room photo in Lake Vista, Forest, Va.
The dining room. 

Lynchburg Photography living room photo
The living room is large and has a big fireplace.

Lynchburg Photography photo of breakfast nook
Breakfast Nook