Lynchburg Real Estate Photography - Pricing Updates!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to take a few minutes to address the subject of pricing and services!  Here's a link to review my basic services & prices. The high cost of gas these days, combined with the considerable amount of time it takes for me to obtain and produce the high quality photos, has forced me to make some minor adjustments in my services and pricing.

Meanwhile, let me just say that I remain a "concierge" Lynchburg photographer, even on the real estate side of my Lynchburg photography business!  What this means to you is that if you need something, no matter how small or large, just ask. And if it is within my ability to do it for you, I will. Need custom flyers? DVD's? A YouTube video? A postcard designed? A headshot? A group shot? An "about me" presentation?  Just talk to me about it, and we'll figure out a way to get it done for you at a price you can afford, and within a reasonable timeframe.

As for my usual services of virtual tours and house photos, the list of available services remains extensive, as always!