Lynchburg Photography, Real Estate Stand-Alone Websites

Another real estate marketing option I offer to my agent clients is the "stand-alone website."  The url/domain name for such a website is usually the property's street address or something similar.  One such  website I've done recently was for a bed and breakfast in Appomattox, Va.  It is unique, historic, and quite an interesting local attraction, whose current owners are ready to move on from the business of inn-keeping and have posted it for sale.

I took the photos and assembled the website/virtual tour for this one-of-a-kind property, which in itself was a daunting project.  Here's a link to the stand alone real estate property website for this gorgeous estate.

Another such website I've done is for a single-family home. It's a very high-end piece of real estate, in a prestigious community. I gave this website an entirely different feel from the other one mentioned above. Also a pretty big undertaking, but interesting in an entirely different way.  This is where you can check out the website for that one.

At one point, this concept was "all the rage."  And in some parts of the country, it probably still is.  Whether it's a trend, passing or long-lasting, I don't really know.  I *do* know one advantage it offers, and that's simply another marketing tool for real estate agents to present to their potential clients.  Home sellers are pretty impressed when an agent tells them "if you list with me, your home will actually have its very own website!!"