What would we do without Photoshop??!!

Sometimes you only get one chance to photograph a house, so you just have to take the shot. Here's a quick before/after comparison slideshow to sing the praises of Photoshop's help when I'm in a bind. And I've also added the stills individually just in case you want to take a look!  And if you'd like to see more  Photoshop before/afters, I have a page dedicated to that right here on this 
Lynchburg real estate photography website! Just click the link to go right to it!

I added in a sky, took out the decorative flag in front of the bush, and removed the cars from the driveway. All this took about 2 minutes.  And before you say anything about the sky, yes - I know it's not perfect. But please understand that where I live and work, it is absolutely imperative that I keep my pricing affordable. And the key to being able to do that is to not spend an inordinate amount of time in either shooting a house, or post processing the photos.  Otherwise, it's barely worth my time.  Still - I do like to spruce things up a bit as I'm able.  So my photoshop prettying-up must be superquick, and even it if IS "less than perfect" it's still better than the dull colorless photos that come from shooting exteriors on a grey or rainy day! 

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Luckily, there's always photoshop, and in just a few minutes and a few clicks, 
I can turn that photo into this one!  Most noticeably, I added a sky; then I took out the yellow decorative flag that was in front of the bush, then I took out all of the cars in the driveway.  All in about 2 minutes.