Lynchburg Real Estate Photography - Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I would LOVE to hear from a photographer or anyone else out there who has experienced anything similar to this, or even just your thoughts on the subject!

I pulled this photo from about 3 years ago, when a client recently told me of a similar occurrence.  So here's the back story.  This 70's style ranch house was vacant, and I was just taking pix for the real estate agent.  When I got home and uploaded the photos, I noticed this "looming" shadow in the top right corner.  I have no explanation for you as to what it could be from. As you can see, the room was
completely empty but for the vacuum in the corner.  Certainly, there was nothing in the room that could have cast such a large blockage of the light from my flash.   Creepy, right !!!???

Ok - now it's your turn!! Come on, share your stories, everybody!!!