Lynchburg Real Estate Virtual Tours - The Glamour Shots

If you are not a client of mine, or a follower of my blogs or Facebook page, you may be unfamiliar with my real estate "Glamour Shots."  So here's the deal!

Research has proven that when selling a house, it is indisputable that when it comes to the photos used to market it, brightness, sharpness, and clarity are all-important!!  House-hunters respond well, and often immediately to photos that are appealing. By that I mean, as I stated earlier, photos that are crisp and bright, well-composed, and professionally presented.

Having said that, I personally have found that there is also a good response to my glamour shots of certain houses. These photos are not meant to be used within the MLS, mostly because they actually do not look good at "thumbnail" size.  BUT - when included as a separate page within a virtual tour, they are quite attention-grabbing, and are able to show the character and personality of a home in a way that the bright crisp photos can't.

Not every home is a good candidate, however.  But occasionally I run across a home that is just perfect for it, and that's when the fun begins :o)  Hope you enjoy these!!

Ok, maybe I went a little over the top on this one, but hey - it's an actual photo technique!
Why NOT use it in real estate photography??