Cool Woodsy House!

These are my "glamour shots" (i.e., natural light only-no flash!) from this house, i.e., natural light only-no flash. Then I occasionally do some creative/artistic effects to them, to showcase a home's natural beauty. This home didn't need much help with that, though. It is very unique, in that it is NOT a traditional-style house. Perhaps not a true contemporary-style, maybe more transitional? Be that as it may, it is an eclectic, yet still tasteful mix of elements, all working together quite well.  The owners had it custom built, and it's obvious throughout that they gave quite a bit of thought/attention to both the daily life AND entertaining conveniences when designing the house.

 I absolutely LOVE how open the kitchen and dining spaces are. And I especially love that this dining area is the ONLY dining area in the house. There's no "casual dining space" or "formal dining room." This area is both. Definitely a concept I'm going to be looking for in my own next home!

 Here's another design concept I love and would embrace, if given the chance! This master suite consists of a workspace (just barely visible from this photo's vantage point), a relaxing lounge area (not visible here) that includes a built-in coffee bar and wine fridge, and a huge master bath that accesses an incredible private outdoor courtyard. The interesting part is that the "bedroom" is literally just that - a BED room. This room contains nothing but the bed flanked by 2 nightstands. In other words, it is not cluttered with dressers. They've included a gigantic storage system in the bathroom area that serves as their dressing area. Nothing short of brilliant. 

This isn't really one of my glamour shots, but it DOES show you 
the awesome coffee bar/wine cooling station.

 Through that door on the right, is a gorgeous "secret garden" that includes a custom hot tub, 
exotic plantings, and a fire chimney. 

This wrought iron is custom designed from 200 year old Egyptian relics.
Or something like that. I forget. 

Also not a glamour shot, but I just wanted to show you this other space. It is outdoors, just off the kitchen/dining area. The vaulted ceiling is wood, and the stone fireplace goes from the custom tinted cement flooring all the way to the ceiling. This patio wraps around to where the swing is partially visible, and overlooks their beautiful wooded back yard. I've never seen anything like this in person, which is saying something, because I've taken photos of a LOT of houses!!! 
Surely in the thousands  by now.