The Big Ones This Week

Well, as I mentioned in the last post, it's been soooo busy this time of year that I've let my blogs go unattended for a while. But here's a few exteirors from 2 recent - very large - houses I did this week.

This awesome house is in Lynchburg's "Boonsboro" area, on Langhorne Road. It's the traditional Old Lynchburg style, inside and out. Has all the charm and elegance of a vintage Boonsboro home, but with conveniences and upgrades throughout.  One of which is the gorgeous pool in the back yard, along with very cool walking paths, lined with flowers and other plantings.

This house's address is "Presidential Circle."  That should give you a hint of how grand it is inside!  Gorgeous entry foyer. I'll post photos of that later on today!
Circular driveway, with an offshoot to the left side, leading to the massive garage.  If this place doesn't sell in the next few weeks, I'll be back to get photos of the trees with leaves and in bloom.  THAT will be stunning, I'm sure!