All Over the Map - In Every Way!

Well, since I've been so incredibly busy this summer (always a good thing), I'm well aware that I've neglected my blogs. In an attempt to catch up just a bit, I think I'll post a big pile of pix here from some houses I've recently shot!  I've literally been all over Central Virginia taking pix of old houses, new houses, large and small, modern, rustic, traditional, mountain cabin - you name it.

It can be challenging, in all these different situations, to get the lighting, composition, angles, etc. just right.  Although my clients all do recognize the value of top quality outstanding real estate photos (which is why they hire *me*), there's still a limit to what most local real estate agents are willing to pay - or more importantly, are able to afford.  In order to keep my pricing within that range, I simply cannot come into a house with a full lighting setup, etc. It's all about doing the best I can with the equipment I have. Then it's get in, get out, and get them their house pix-always ASAP :o)

So, having said all that, my point is that considering I'm just using the bare minimum equipment, and the rest comes down to experience, creativity, and skilled post-processing. Given that the houses I shoot are all over the map, literally and figuratively, I still strive to provide exceptional photos of each and every house I go in.  I hope you'll agree. Here's a sampling of my latest travels.