"I'm Gorgeous Inside"

Have you ever seen that phrase stuck onto a real estate for sale sign?  It always makes me laugh! It's like the blind date scenario, where the guy asks what his date looks like, and the response is "she's got a great personality . . . "  :o)

Well - all joking aside, if there was ever a situation where that principle applied, it's with this house. Although the homeowners have done everything humanly possible to beautify and update this home inside and out, the sad truth is that its exterior is bland, if not downright unattractive. BUT - step inside and you're amazed with all the updating, upgrading, and charm that this house has received! Just check out the Lynchburg virtual tour!

See - I didn't even post the front exterior photo like I usually do. You'd probably not even give it a 2nd look. In fact, the realtor did the same thing with the mls listing! Here's hoping that someone is able to look past the exterior of this house, because inside they'll find hidden treasures around every corner!!! And it just goes on and on and on. Beautifully finished space in the basement too!

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