Classic Boonsboro

This very cool house in Boonsboro is elegant, tasteful, and textbook Boonsboro. I actually went sort of crazy taking pix - there were just so many interesting features. Can't put all the pix here, so I'll just post a few of my favorites, and encourage you to click on the virtual tour to see the whole set! 

I also tried something different with this one. I took a set specifically for the mls (i.e. bright, crisp), and a 2nd set in my glamor-shot style. Then, I used only the glamor shots for the virtual tour slideshow; with only a few exceptions, none of the mls photos are present within the slideshow.

And before anyone gets all weirded out by the following photos, keep in mind that these are my glamor shots - meaning that they are my personal artistic interpretation of the setting; a "tableau" if you will. These are NOT mls photos, but they do appear on the virtual tour slideshow, as I firmly believe that such photos do convey the feel, the "vibe" of the home-maybe even more than a traditional bright full room shot. That's just my opinion, but hey - I'm the photographer, and I get to do what I want :o) I've yet to have a complaint about this style/method. And my clients (real estate agents and homeowners) firmly believe that this is a major contributing factor to their success in selling the house! And that's really what it's all about in this business.