Never enough batteries!!

Had a close call this week - a bit too close for comfort!!  I pride myself on being prepared for anything. But . . . Just before leaving to shoot a very large house earlier this week, I checked my equipment, and noticed that my battery was down to about half.  So, always having one battery in the charger, I deftly switched them out, checked my camera again, loaded my bag, and headed out.  When I got to my location, I took my camera out and got ready to shoot some exteriors . . . and at that point noticed that I had left the camera on the whole time, and it was now down below half :o(

With this house being almost 6,000 sq. ft., I was close to panic mode. Didn't want the agent and stager to know I had done something so rookie, so I just forged ahead, turning my camera off literally between every room, just to conserve a bit of battery life. 

Well, long story short, I made it through - whew. Came straight home and ordered a 3rd battery pack for my camera so that from here on out, I will ALWAYS have one in my camera, one in the charger, and one pre-charged in my camera bag! 

At least I learn from my (almost) mistakes, right?!