New House Features That I Love - From My OWN House!

Having been in our new dream house for 4 months now, I thought I'd post a few pix of some recent decor and creature comfort projects I've finally got around to completing!

This is our walk-in shower. We designed it intentionally to have no door, in order to achieve as low-maintenance of a house as possible. We had the tile go all the way to the ceiling (9'), but to keep it light and bright, had a small transom installed above the water height. We love it!!!  Also, if you look at the chair rail trim where the row of tiles meets the painted wall, you can see that we chose to install Ikea flip-down hooks, instead of the traditional towel bars, or other hooks. When there are no towels hanging there, we flip them closed, and they actually add a decorative contemporary element.  You may also notice the gigantic mirror over the vanity, to the left of the shower. Again - this was intentional, to magnify the light in this space. The light fixtures are actually installed into the mirror, which also gives a very custom, upscale look. 

And this, of course, is our little private "potty room."  Just a small closet-sized space, but one that we are loving, having never had one before!!!  We had a small transom installed here as well, just to keep it from ever feeling claustrophobic. But to me, there are two awesome aspects. One is the shelf set over and behind the toilet. Our homebuilder has an amazing woodwork guy who brainstormed with me and ultimately designed and installed this very cool feature.  The other thing I love is the tiny little stainless steel shelf over the tp. See the next photo for more info.
The tp holder is from Ikea, and it is open ended, for convenience of changing the rolls. The shelf above is from a vendor on Etsy who makes stainless steel ledges to any sizes you want. This one is actually installed upside down, but that's the look I wanted. It is just right for that all-important air freshener, and yet still has room for those electronic devices that most of us like to keep handy in such a space. Admit it - you use your e-reader and your phone when you're in the bathroom!!!
This is the tub tray that I made myself, after not finding anything suitable anywhere!