One of a Kind Castle-Cottage in Lynchburg's Boonsboro Area

To locals, this place is immediately recognizable. It's like a castle, but it's like a cottage - how can that be?  I don't have an answer for that question, but I do have photos! See for yourself!! All of these photos are "glamor shots," and the exteriors have been treated to an HDR photo effect. This time of year is challenging to get beautiful exteriors, due to the lack of bright color in the landscaping, and often even gray skies. So I do my best to offset that and present the property as best as I can.

This is the "formal" entry. It takes you into a lovely spacious foyer that connects to various parts of the home. Maybe not a grand castle entry, but a few steps up from a cottage, for sure.

Here's an interesting view from behind the circular courtyard at the formal entry.

THIS is the part that comes off much more cottage-like than even the entry area in the above photo. This leads to the informal area in the home, where there's a great room, sunny breakfast nook, and kitchen.

This is the back of the house. There's actually a HUGE and very deep swimming pool just in front of the brick walls.  It was empty, and had lots of leaves in, so I didn't include it in many of my photos.

Here's a closeup of the statue from behind.

Side view.
There were stone walls and stone stairs everywhere.

Have you ever seen anything like this???  I sure haven't!!  Pretty creative, though, right?!

This is just a quaint little side door leading to some basement nook or something.

This is just off the formal entry foyer, and it leads to one wing of the sleeping quarters. There is also a chair lift, which I made a point to keep out of the photo.

Here it is from above.

This is the formal dining room fireplace. You can see how it opens to the formal entry foyer.

This is the basement (or terrace level).