DIY Floral Craft - I Did It Myself!!!

Years ago, I was quite a proficient crafter, but as my kids got older, and especially as my photography business has grown, I've been less and less "crafty." Always impressed with diy projects I see in my travels, but never enough to do it own self!  Until I had found myself with a drab, empty, boring wall in my new bathroom. It's been bugging me since we moved in and I took pix to show to family and friends who lived away, and suddenly saw in my photos how bland that particular wall looked. On a mission to perk it up, and yet being a minimalist at heart, this became a particularly unrewarding and frustrating task.  Then I saw these little wall-hanging floral vases, and decided this was the answer I was looking for!  Being clear glass, and with just a few floral sprigs, they still maintain a very minimal presence, while adding some depth, dimension, and a tiny bit of color.  VERY MUCH LOVING IT!!!

glass wall vase, test tube vase, beaker vase, floral stems, lavender, ranunculus, fern, bud vase
Gave this photo a slight antique-y effect just for fun.