Not Real Estate Photography (But Still Cool)

Couldn't help sharing this new addition to my great room!  We were using a little mail sorting box to hold all of our remotes, etc., but it let things fall over and sink to the bottom, etc. We just accepted it as a minor inconvenience. BUT yesterday I came across this little gem in the Michael's clearance bin. Didn't even give it a second glance. THEN - when I got home and began to do a bit of tidying up, which always includes the jumbled remotes, it hit me! That craft brush storage thing was perfect for our remotes!  I literally dropped everything and went back out and bought that thing immediately!!

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And since you can't see everything, here's an itemized list of what this little baby's holding:
TV remote
Blu-ray remote
Sound bar remote
Apple tv remote
Fireplace remote
Dish remote
Table lamp remote
Ceiling fan/light remote
Hand lotion

Don't judge us.