Agent Photos vs. MY photos - You Know You Love These!!

It's one of my favorite things: one of my real estate agent clients schedules me to shoot a house that was formerly listed with another agent who took his/her own photos. Makes my job so easy, and makes the new agent look so awesome!  Here's a few from the latest batch, which I've stacked to
make the comparison even more evident. In all of the interior shots, you'll have to look very very closely to believe that they are actually the same room and same vantage point. 
I promise you - they are.

Yes, I was lucky enough to have a nicer sky on the day I photographed. BUT - that is intentional. I always schedule my shoots for the time when the sun shines directly on the front of the house to get the most attractive exterior front shot possible. And if it were dusk, as the top photo clearly was, I'd go back for a better front shot.
Look closely in the "before" photo and you'll see the homeowner's toddler running down the sidewalk. Sorry, folks, but that is ridiculous.  Possibly even irresponsible!!

Baby Girl's room. 

Sun Porch.

Hall Bathroom.

Extra Bedroom.