Unfortunately, there ARE no afters on this one!

This one is so shocking that I just couldn't let it go without addressing it here on my blog.  Sadly, I was NOT called in to fix this.  And you should also know that this house is listed for $400,000. THIS is the new, lowered price!  It is eleven years old, has just 2,300 square feet, and is only on a half acre lot. So where the justification for such a price is coming from - I have no idea.

But worst of all, when trying to get such an outlandish price for a house, wouldn't you think the realtor would at least represent it in its best possible condition, with professional photos?!?!  I certainly would.  I'm further shocked that any person selling their house would be okay with their house being photographed in its absolute worst condition (obviously they were in the process of packing up and moving), AND with what is obviously the agent's phone.  Sad that there are agents out there who feel that such atrocious service is all their client deserves.

Another interesting thought. I don't know what it's like in other cities, but here, my clients are overwhelmingly women realtors. By and large, I find that it's the male agents who just don't see the importance of good photos. They consider it a waste of money.  Once you view the photos below, it will be obvious that this particular agent is a man, with such a large representation of things like storage space in the attic, electrical boxes, water heaters, etc.  All of these things could have been aptly mentioned and described in the home's description, leaving plenty of room for beautiful photos of the house itself, especially since you're attempting to convince house hunters that this small house is actually somehow worth $400,000.

Are you ready to see the photos in question?  Well here they are.  Enjoy. Seriously, folks, THIS IS ALL JUST SO UNACCEPTABLE ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!!!