A Before and After Slideshow

Yet again, I was called in to fix things when the seller of this $400,000 house was very unhappy with the photos the agent used. An associate of the listing agent called me, explained the situation, and asked me to take a new set of photos as soon as possible, to make their seller happy. I obliged.
Once I saw the previous photos, there were so many and they were SO bad, that I decided to pick the most glaring ones and create a little slideshow lesson to sing the praises of (*my*) professional real estate photography.

Just a quick rant: it is indefensible to me that a realtor who stands to make a tidy sum in commission from this (or any house) would use such horrifically unprofessional photos. It is the worst in customer service, and simply should not be tolerated by home sellers. Unfortunately, most sellers don't even know that they have a choice in the matter.