Who Would Pay For These Photos???!!

This is what happens when a "general photographer," as I like to call them, tries their hand at Real Estate Photography. Agents and homeowners - DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!  Just because someone takes photos of people, or is even a wedding photographer, does NOT mean they know how to photograph a house for sale.

What is the point of this high angle?? If you want to showcase the granite, there are better ways to do it.

Just a very weird, dark shot. Not at all showcasing the positive aspects of this space.

Very strange vantage point and composition. HATE how flashed out the cabinet on the left is, and the breakfast nook is in the dark, with absolutely no lighting switched on????
Seems like the photographer HAD to have been lying on the floor for this shot! But WHY???  A shot from the left corner would have been much nicer.

Just awful.

Yet another strange choice of a vantage point and terrible composition.  And PLEASE explain why no lights are on???

Why do people do this?  Amateurs using their phone, I can forgive, but someone posing as a Professional taking such a shot - simply unforgivable.
What the . . . ??
Again, seems like the photographer is standing on a chair or something.
Or is this photographer just extremely tall or something??? Why all the shots from above??
Could you please just straighten thos photo, and either shoot it so that the vertical lines are vertical, or else correct the ridiculous-looking doorway??
Nothing else to say about this photo, except that it is just bad.
ACK!!!!!  Stop it!!!!!
I truly cannot take any more of these idiotic vertically oriented bathroom shots!!!!!!  
More really bad photos of this kitchen/dining nook space.  I'm sure that in real life it is absolutely adorable.  Too bad you can't tell it from these photos :o(

I don't even know what to say about this. It's horrible on so many levels.
Why bother.