SOOOO Not Okay!!! Terrible Realtor photos of a house.

We all love those bad house photos. This realtor went the DIY route, as many do for one reason or another. But seriously, real estate agents, if you're not gonna call ME, then at least your own photos should be able to give a "decent" representation of the house!!! Just makes me so angry, and so sad for the clients of realtors who do stuff like this:

You'd never know this is a very large master bedroom!

 And this dining room is also a good size, though you'd never guess it from this photo.

 I'm sure you can use your imagination as to what this entire kitchen might look like.
But that's the only way you'll know, because all of the photos are like this one. Small close shots of a set of cabinets, the sink, the stove, etc.

 Certainly, there's more to this bathroom than the tub.

 Very ugly shot of pretty much just the toilet. 

Another tiny little close shot, this time of the laundry room. 

Here's the lame attempt at showing the master bedroom's expansive size and tray ceiling. 
Doesn't quite cut it, if you ask me.