Appoint Scheduling:
Please email your scheduling requests and questions. I answer all emails promptly.
If you prefer to phone, please only do so during work hours. We respectfully request that you don't call in the evening, early mornings, or weekends.

I do ask that you do NOT text your scheduling requests. I receive SO many texts that they are easily overlooked. Texting is, however, fine if you just want to let us know that you're running late, etc. But for scheduling it is recommended that you email.

In the case of inclement weather, the photographer will make the judgment call as to whether or not to proceed with the scheduled shoot.

The photographer reserves the right to decline to do anything that may be considered dangerous/risky to the photographer or the equipment.

Canceling or re-scheduling: please inform us as soon as possible.

Photo Usage:
All photos remain copyrighted property of Tommie Milacci Photography LLC. To purchase the actual copyright/license of any photo(s) please contact us for pricing and details.

What this means is: when you hire me to photograph a house, you may use those photos only to market that particular house. You may NOT use those photos for any other reason, without permission from Tommie Milacci Photography LLC.

Here are a few examples of acceptable usage of the photos:
     A flyer, or brochure intended to market that specific house.
     A newspaper or magazine ad intended to market that specific house.
     A page on your (or your company's) website that features that specific house.
     Using the photo in an ad to show how many homes you've sold this year.
     Giving the photos (or having prints made) to present to your seller. (Note - for a small fee, I will prepare a professional quality photo cd to present to your homeowners.) It's recommended that you request high resolution images for printing.

And here are a few examples of what NOT TO DO with the photos without first receiving permission:
     Do not give them to another real estate agent to use.
     Do not give them to a homeowner to use in their business portfolio (such as a lighting distributor, interior decorator, stager, contractor, etc.). This actually happens quite often. Please direct such people to me.
     Do not use them as a background for your own (or your company's) website, flyers, brochures, etc.
     Do not use them on a business card.
     Give them to any other magazine, newspaper, tv commercial, etc. to promote an upcoming event (other than to promote an open house or event intended to market the specific property).

It is requested that if you post the photos on social media, you give photography credit to Tommie Milacci Photography. It is also requested that the same be done in any ads. You can also request watermarked versions of your photos for social media, etc.

Note that occasionally an agent lists a house that I've previously photographed for a different agent, and this new agent wants to buy those photos. Please be aware that in such instances, the new agent pays exactly what the original agent paid for the photos. The only advantage to purchasing existing photos, rather than hiring me to go in and re-shoot, is that the turnaround time is obviously much quicker.

If you prefer for me to NOT ever allow any other agent to use the photos I take for you, please discuss this with me so that appropriate arrangements can be made.