If you've hired a professional photographer for anything at all in the last few years, you may have noticed that most of them no longer use the term "price" but rather "investment."  For real estate photography, this term is more than applicable! When you sell a house, the photos are truly the first impression you give to your potential buyers, and if the photos are great, the calls WILL come in!

My client base consists overwhelmingly of long-term, loyal clients who know and appreciate the quality of my work and the value it adds when selling a house.

Pricing starts at $100 for an uncomplicated, mid-size house of up to about 2000 square feet. Pricing may vary, depending on the individual property and its degree of complexity. Feel free to contact me for a quote on the property you want photographed. Virtual tour slideshows are a small additional fee.

You will receive high-resolution photos of your property, pre-sized for the mls. These photos are also suitable for small sized ads. If you  need large high-resolution photos, those can be provided at no extra charge. The total number of photos varies according to the size of the property.

If the property you're listing is unique in some way, you can request close-ups or detail shots (which I refer to as "glamour shots"). These are in addition to the normal room by room photos. Please let me know in advance if you'd like such photos, as I use a different camera/lens setup for this type of photography. *Depending on the size/complexity of the property, there may be a small additional charge for this service.

If you would like to add a virtual tour:
Add a virtual tour for a small extra fee. Your virtual tour will consist of an attractive and tasteful slideshow of all the photos I get from the property, with or without music (your choice; no extra charge either way). You'll receive a link that you can insert into the mls, your own website, Facebook, emails, etc.

NOTE: Above pricing applies only to real estate photography. For commercial pricing and inquiries, please contact Tommie at or 434-841-8536.